Meet the Chef - Alon Hershkowitz

Executive Chef / Personal Chef / Culinary Instructor
Recipe Development

Chef Alon brings his expertise giving you the freedom to enjoy top quality food and service culinary experience with our new Concept  Blvd Shishlik Grill restaurant LV
with authentic  Israeli cuisine.

Travel goes along with cooking, they are both intertwined. Knowing a countries cuisine will make you understand better their culture. 
“Food Brings People Together. I am in my fifties
I speak fluent Hebrew , English, and some Spanish. I am a professional executive chef and food scientist Foodie! In the past I have worked at  the Ritz Carlton Miami Beach, Queen Mary Long Beach and Eden Rock hotel and  also opened the Ritz Carlton Israel. “

Nirvana Hotel Menu

Hummus foul


Chicken Shawarma

Shishlik beef

Lamb Kabobs

Jerusalem Mix

Mujaddara Rice

Mediterranean dessert